Suspension & Shock Replacements & Service

Shock absorbers are often the last component of a car to be considered for replacement, but they’re also a primary key to your safety. They are as important as properly fitted, quality tyres, airbags and properly functioning brakes.

Our shock absorber fitment experts understand that even though shock absorbers are out of sight, they should never be out of mind.

Three out of five cars in South Africa have worn shock absorbers and in most cases, the driver is unaware of this fact. On average, South African vehicles on the road are in the region of about 12 years old.

We stock only the finest quality shock absorbers and South Africa’s largest range.

It’s known that after three years of use, shock absorbers become less effective. If you’ve been driving your car around for longer than three years without changing your shock absorbers, it’s time you visit an Angels & Sons branch and get a free safety assessment done on your car and your shock absorbers. Performance shocks.

They are trusted for their durability and reliability, which in turn assures us of your safety when driving out of our fitment centres. Historically, we have fitted more shock absorbers than any other fitment centre in South Africa, so we know what we’re doing. Take advantage of our expertise in this area and let us match a shock absorber to your specific driving conditions and vehicle. You’ll feel the difference in comfort, safety and road holding straight away.

Budget Shocks

We are the forerunners in our industry so we understand that costs can be tough to swallow and that downtime needs to be kept to a minimum. We will always place prime importance on the safety of your vehicle and can offer a top-quality adjustment shock absorber replacement kit that meets all your requirements